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Have you been told you are too sensitive? Do you feel drained from crowds and

social interaction and frequently need alone time to re-charge? Do you struggle

to maintain firm boundaries, have clear thoughts and feelings, and maintain good



Then this class was designed for you!


Where most people view these qualities as over emotional, anxiety, and chronic

health problems I see an unhealed Empath. I have experienced all of this and

more navigating my life as an Empath and will share with you how I went from

overwhelmed to deeply attuned. Let my years of experience as an Intuitive

Medium and struggles to live more comfortably in this world serve as your

foundation to more deeply understand yourself and these enhanced sensitivities.

Join Richard LaRocco as he demystifies the double-edged sword world of the

Empath. He will share how to discover and stay connected to your own power,

maintain your internal clarity while remaining grounded, and channel your

empathic abilities effortlessly to inspire yourself and others to offer this gift to a

world that needs it more than ever.


This class will give you the tools and techniques you need in order to experience

all the benefits of the empath without being constantly drained. If you are

interested in transforming from survival mode to thriving in your authenticity and

grounded wisdom reserve your spot today!

The Healed Empath: Journey Back to Self

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