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With Richard

Do you know that there is more to life beyond our human understanding?

Have you felt called to explore a spiritual path?

Are you interested in Spirit Guides, Mediumship, Healing Modalities, and other spiritual practices to add to your toolbox?

Perhaps you are feeling stuck and need the confidence and guidance to move forward.

Maybe you are looking for someone to support you as you heal whatever is blocking from you living your authentic life.

Or do you need a Master Teacher to assist you with unlocking your gifts and unlimited potential to enable you to share with and heal others.

Richard's passion and calling is to share his gifts, knowledge, and insight with you.  His heart-centered approach combines his decades of experience with his personal daily spiritual practice and techniques to offer you a unique spiritual journey and connection to Spirit.

Richard designs each session to meet the needs of each individual.  He shares the path he worked hard to achieve and maintains each day.

Embark on a nine month journey to answer your soul's calling and walk a spiritual path.

Mentorship Includes:

*Private Mentoring with Richard and/or Master Teachers

*Dedicated Facebook group for Students

*Peer Support 

*Partner Peer Practice

*Support and Guidance along your Journey with Richard and Master Teachers

* Reading and Digital Recommendations and material to support your development

*A Supportive and Positive Environment

*And Much More!!! 

Please contact Richard for details.

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Let's Work Together

The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see.

-Alexandra K. Trenfor

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Tricialynn, Medium & Holistic Practitioner

I've been a student of Richards for two years now. He has been the most patient & understanding teacher in all of my 30 years in this lifetime. His ability to cultivate spiritual teachings for your current understanding of mediumship is completely tailored to your needs. When I first started my training with Richard I couldn't focus enough to meditate & I also had shadow work that needed to be addressed before I stepped any further into my life's purpose. Fast-forward a year later & I have my own holistic & spiritual practice.  This is true 1:1 mentorship & not like other courses you see advertised as such. When working with Richard you not only have him as wonderful mentor, but as a true friend and role model. The support with other students while practicing our teachings has also been the greatest help! It's nice to be able to work 1:1 & then to have like minded individuals to encourage & to help practice in the safety of our fellow peers. If you want to develop your intuition to become a medium as a profession or just to become more woven with spirit, then I would highly recommend pairing yourself with Richard & watch how you ascend into your highest & best self.

Deborah S, Intuitive Medium & Master Teacher

 Richard LaRocco is a kind, and patient mentor. He went at my pace. When I needed to detour for a question or issue, he was very flexible. When I understood or already knew how to do something, we were able to spend less time on it. Richard was always supportive and encouraging. I learned a great deal from his course. I learned about myself, not just about developing my mediumship. This was definitely a course in spiritual development.  the interested learner of any level. I highly recommend Richard LaRocco As an instructor and mentor.

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