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Richard will connect with the Spirit world and answer questions in different areas of your life. "A Medium is a bridge, a translator, standing between two realms. A Medium acts as a conduit of energy, bringing forth messages from beyond this physical world. A medium is a Healer and a friend to all souls in this world or the next." ~Kenna Individual


1 Hour Session If you want additional participants $125.00 extra per person and must be looking to connect with the same family. Please understand that your session is Spirit led and there is no guarantee you will connect with your desired Spirit. Spirit always gives us what we need not what we want. It is rare that this occurs, and Richard will give insight on what is happening in the Spirit world and why a particular Spirit chooses not to step forward. It is highly recommended to take notes and audio recording is per Richard's discretion.


Please contact Richard for appointment details. No Refunds and all appointments that need to reschedule must be done with 24hrs before time of Reading.


All Readings are done via Zoom


 Payment due before session is booked

1/2 Hour Individual Reading with Richard via Zoom

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